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21st June 2015 - Reviews & Rail Trips

Trinity Railway Express GM F59PHI 569 is seen approaching Victory Station on Friday 1st May 2015 with train 2923 12.20 Dallas Union to Fort Worth T & P. The tower in the background is the Reunion Tower, situated behind Dallas Union Station.


Welcome to usabyrail.co.uk

USAbyrail.co.uk aims to promote North American Railroad travel to railway enthusiasts the world over. For over 10 years USAbyrail.co.uk has provided information to help enthusiasts plan trips of their own and has also run trips to various parts of the United States of America to ride Amtrak, commuter and museum trains.

Whilst updates to the site have been infrequent over the last 18 months, due primarily to work commitments and a growing family, a looming change of job and additional time will enable more frequent updates in the future. The format of the site will gradually change bringing freight operations into the remit of the site and with this, detailed locomotive roster information.

In the meantime please browse the site and make use of the information available. Come back regularly and hopefully you will see many changes in the future. Finally, it is still an objective of USAbyrail.co.uk to operate rare mileage charters in the USA. To this end we are looking for partners to enable this to happen and hopefully there will be further news on this in the future.

Many thanks for your support.

Simon Bennett 07/09/2014

It is to hoped that you find the content of this website usefull and that your interest is spiked enough for you to join us on one of our rail trips in the future. If you are a seasoned traveller to North America then your contributions to this site are welcome and should be e-mailed to info@usabyrail.co.uk

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